October 31, 2013

New Joy After Weight Loss

Hailey before (2009)

Hailey after losing 130 pounds
Hailey is a very happy young woman these days. She has succeeded in losing 130 pounds. She feels so good in her new life and she's offered her story to encourage people who are justing starting out in their journey to get fit. Hope you enjoy.

Three and a half years ago, I was 20 years old and weighed 287 pounds. I had always been the person that everyone turned to, the confident and the support system. I had a really hard time putting myself first and talking about my own pain with friends and family who often felt so comfortable divulging what they were going through to me. I turned to food as means of letting out how I was feeling. I used to hide food from my family, do separate grocery shops and eat in my room It took me a long time to realize how harmful this was and how I really felt about my life and my size. I tried to convince myself that I enjoyed my body. I had boyfriends who liked me but I still found it a challenge to look in the mirror.
In 2010, after a break-up with my long-term boyfriend and after attending my cousins wedding (seeing pictures of myself in a dress) I decided to weigh myself and work on things. I started changing how much food and what type of food I was eating and began slowly working up. Walking, some light weights and eventually started becoming more comfortable with pushing my body.
Today, my life is completely different I have lost over 130 pounds, have an amazing man in my life, have been fortunate to have great jobs in the counselling field and am now preparing to move to Whitehorse YT with my partner to start a new chapter of our life together.
Health and fitness means so much to me. I eat clean, I work out several times a week and I feel great about where I am now.
I would love to have my story posted and have the chance to help others with these struggles as I know how hard it can be to get started but how good it feels once you have.


Georgia said...

WOW what an inspiring lady :)


Tracy Portal said...

Congratulations to Hailey on your amazing weight loss...you look fantastic!
It's so common that most peoples' weight gain is linked to their emotional lives and stress.
I'm sure your story will inspire many to keep on track and keep going with their own weight loss programs.
Keeping going when you don't feel like it is key. Deciding to make changes for the long term is a must too!
Good Luck for the future!

Anonymous said...

Hailey look fantastic!
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Welther Andrei said...

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eugenia24 said...

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Susan said...

Great job! You look really good now. Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

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Priscilla said...

Congratulations to Hailey. You look so good ... and happy! I love the fact that you made slow, steady changes to your diet and lifestyle. It doesn't always have to be big changes that make the biggest difference. (Baby steps count too) You're going to enjoy the Yukon's fresh, clean air. Thx for the inspiration!

Steven Le said...

Wow... The motivation that went into that must have been insane! It's always inspiring to see people with so much determination!

Steven Le said...

It's always amazing to see people with so much determination succeed in the end! Just shows that it's all worth it in the end!

Paul Marin said...

Now, you look so beautiful. You know its so inspired to me I'll definitely try to loose some weight.

Meryl Dawe said...

The way you look now is an inspiration to women everywhere. It gives me real, genuine joy to see the before and after. Fantastic and inspiring. I can feel the happiness you are radiating!

Claudia said...

This is the good news every woman desperate to lose weight wants to hear - it's possible and someone's done it! Not a celebrity, no BS, just a good person trying hard and getting there. Excellent! You look so happy you make me smile and I thank you.