October 30, 2013

Best Tips for Losing Stomach Weight

Hi Everyone,

Sorry for my long absence, I'll be adding a fab new weight loss story here later this week. 

Lose the Belly
The news today is that we've updated the free app "Lose the Belly". This is truly a hugely helpful app filled with quick tutorials and tips for losing weight, especially around the stomach. Video tutorials include;

* The best exercises for slimming the abdomen

* Great nutritional advice for losing weight fast

* Five ways celebrities lose weight

* Amazing photos of people before and after

* Top tips for choosing slimming clothes

* The best yoga poses for losing stomach fat

This app is geared for women, but there is a similar excellent app for men here.

If you have an iPhone, iPad or iPod, check out this motivational app, you will see great results very quickly if you follow the tips in only a few of the fabulous videos provided here.


John Howard said...

I've been looking to remove some of the extra fat that I have. I'll have to look around in Cincinnati if there are any good weight loss centers.

Seamus Lowe said...

These are great tips. Thanks for these tips. I've been trying to lose weight for some time now and these will definitely help me. I've tried different weight loss programs and stores in Toronto, and I've actually found quite a few that are really good.

steve carve said...

Best yoga poses and best exercises to make the abdomen slim are relatively new for me. I have never heard about this but want to know more about these two with the help of such a motivational app. Thanks for sharing this informative post with us.

Weight loss training

Susan said...

Best way to lose weight is diet and training. But beyond the information, actully doing it and doing it consistently is the hard part. I could never stick to it until I read the discipline building book at

Great stuff!