September 09, 2012

Dinner on Main Street

Slickity Jim's at 19th and Main, Vancouver, Canada

I guess almost every city has a Main street. I live really close to Main and 19th, in Vancouver, Canada. About once a week I go have dinner at a nearby diner.

On my way there, I pass by two international fast food joints, one for pizza and one for fried chicken. The meals at the Slickity Jim's diner cost a couple of bucks more, but the food is so much tastier. (Not to mention that the seating and lighting/music atmosphere is infinitely nicer).

One neat thing about this place is that there's a surprise item on the menu. If you order it, (the Abstract Notion) then you are giving the chef complete discretion as to what to whip up for your dinner.

I almost always order this surprise (though i ask for gluten free..).

So the other day I did my first restaurant 'flash food' photo. I know it's very poor quality and doesn't give you an idea of the wonderful meal I enjoyed. The meal consisted of a grilled chicken breast (which was then quickly fried in an apricot, clove, herb barbecue sauce) a mixed brown rice (with olive oil, red onions, apple and hazelnuts) a boiled egg and pear and avocado slices.

It was a delicious and very filling meal but I'm quite sure it was under 700 calories. (The chef guessed less than 650 calories).

So this place is tiny, and easy to miss if you are walking by. I wonder how many of the people eating their deep fried factory chicken/deep crust gluten pizza at the fast food joints nearby even realize that this place exists as a startlingly better option..

If you have a favorite regular restaurant in your city, would love to hear about it below!

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