August 06, 2012

Losing Belly Fat with Rolfing?

rolfing to lose belly fat
Last week I met up with a friend I hadn't seen for a few months. She looked fantastic and had obviously lost weight, especially around her stomach area.  

She was never much overweight before but was carrying extra weight around her belly in the past.   

I expected her to tell me she had started some new regular fitness regimen. But instead she gleefully explained that 'rolfing' had led her to finally lose this belly fat. She's had some digestion related problems for many years and has tried many different things to cure this, but she said rolfing is finally what did it for her.

Rolfing is a unique type of body work sort of like massage but not to be confused with massage;

Where massage works all soft tissues,Rolfers focus their work on a layer called fascia, the sheathing membrane that covers muscles, tendons, and organs. This fascia, like a girdle, gives shape and length to soft tissue.

She said her rolfer had told her that intestines are like sausages ;-). They have a casing around them and over time and with stress or lifestyle habits, etc., these casings become hardened and blockages occur. It's like the intestines freeze and no longer function efficiently. 

She had attended ten sessions (one per week for ten weeks) and she said the rolfer worked on her abdominal area and 'thawed' her intestines. The result seems miraculous to her, her digestion is much improved now, she moves lightly and gracefully and has effortlessly lost weight. 

Well this inspired me very much. I've got some problems with sluggish digestion too and even though my weight is now quite ideal, i do have a little belly bulge at the grand age of 50. I'm pretty sure I will try at least one session with this rolfer. 

But I wanted to throw this question out there, has anyone else attended a series of rolfing sessions and also experienced a bonus benefit of weight loss, and especially around the belly?


Dr. Ray said...

Although I don't have any direct experience with rolfing and weight loss, I own a wellness center and and have had experience with rolfers and their clients. Some people have reported weight loss after sustained rolfing treatment, but I would say that they are the exception rather than the rule. In some circumstances, sustained rolfing treatment resulted in improvements in pain that allowed them to become more active. Interesting article, I may have to interview some rolfers to see if they have noticed the same phenomenon!

Isadora said...

Dr. Ray, thanks much for this info,


NABIL said...

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