July 21, 2012

Losing 50 Pounds on the Atkins Diet

Kristine, age 21, is elated that she's lost about 50 pounds. Two years ago she weighed 174 pounds and was wearing black clothes everyday to look thinner. Her mood was bad and she often felt fatigued.

That's when she decided to try the low-carb Atkins diet. The Atkins diet doesn't ask you to count calories or watch your portions. It does severely restrict your carbohydrate intake. She was able to eat all the protein she wanted and never felt hungry.

The pounds started dropping off and when the weight loss started to plateau, she also added exercise. Now, two years later she weighs 125 pounds and in the best shape of her life. She feels very joyful to be so healthy now. See her page on Atkins weight loss here.


Emilio López said...

I'm interested in this kind of stories! In particular for what I've read, the Atkins diet is quite controversial. As much as I've heard from people losing an amazing amount of weight and never gaining it back I've also heard from a lot of people that either wouldn't drop any weight or if they would, they would gain it all back at the end of the diet.

Actually a few weeks ago when my girlfriend and I were thinking of a diet to start with, Atkins called our attention as it was the one that would allow us to keep eating pretty much the way we were eating but all the negative comments took us to start on something similar to the eat-clean diet. So far it's working quite well though I still feel intrigued about Atkins.

Anyways good for her! Please feel free to pass by my blog on weight loss and check it out it's here!


Anonymous said...

I personally know two people who tried the Atkins low-carb diet and were very successful in losing weight.

Dani said...

LOVE THIS!!! I love reading all of these success stories!!!!! Im currently working on creating my OWN success story!!!!!!!

Check out my blog at:


to see how I am doing!!

Thank you for alllll the inspiration!


Samantha said...

Thank you for all the stories. I enjoy reading people experiences.

Ellen Sanders said...

Hmm... I've read quite a lot about this diet and it seems pretty good even if it's a bit controversial.
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jay said...

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Dayananda Keshari said...

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Smith said...

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Tony Ramos said...

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Health Consultant said...

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Hamilton Dietetics said...

I just found your blog and there have been many times in my life where I have feel right where you are right now. It’s usually around the time I fall off any type of plan. If this is important to you push through it. Your body is craving the sugar, but at the same time your body is waking up to the all the healthy things you are now putting inside of it. A book, not really a diet that is helping me is Kris Carr's "Crazy Sexy Diet". It really put things into perspective for me and helped me understand my food choices. She talks vegan for healing and health, but at the same time promotes working with your own body and making small choices as you begin to feel better.

Salads day in and day out are not a healthy diet choice. Good nutrition is important, Lots of water, and mild exercise. You might consider juicing to get "wake up your body" and give it the oxygen it needs to get rid of all the toxins in your body. It will change your mood, your energy, and your health. Good Luck!