July 10, 2012

Getting in Top Shape after Losing 110 Pounds

Adrian lost 110 pounds in one year.

She's 5'4" and weighed 230 pounds three years ago. She lost all the weight in one year and has kept it off since then, for the last two years.

These days she is training for a second marathon. She finished her first marathon just two months ago.

Now she has a chance to win a cover model contest for Women's Running Magazine!

 Please see her inspirational website at ChaseFear.com. She would be so thrilled to win this contest.

You can vote for her here.

with your vote, this could be Adrian..


Dani said...

This was really inspirational! I hope to someday be featured on this blog! I can't wait to read more success stories!!


Ethan said...

Awesome! I love reading these stories!

Kate Andrews said...

Great post! This one really inspires me. You look great! Thanks for this very inspiring story.

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These days she is training for a second marathon.