June 04, 2012

Extreme Weight Loss Without Surgery

Thanks much to Ben for sending in this story. Ben is 6'3" and weighed 560 pounds at his heaviest. He was refused gastric bypass surgery because of the health risks but has succeeded in losing over 200 pounds on his own since then. 

I just wanted to share my story, but I am still a work in progress!  I'm 34 years old and stand 6'3 I have always been a big boy! All my adult life, including childhood I have dealt with weight issues.

Like everyone else that ever had weight problems I denied I was that bad or that big, even with the border line type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, with all the Drs warnings, and such I ignored them all. I wasn't that big and no one told me what to eat, through the years.

 I tried diets and I would do them for few months and I would double my weight back that I lost and I did this for years! I was told by my physician that bariatric surgery was the only way I could get my weight off, (at that time i weighed around 420lb) but I didn't have the money and insurance didn't want to help me out on it, so that was a no go.

Fast forward a little and about two years ago, I hurt my back while I was at work, I learned at that time that I would have to have surgery. All the physical therapy and injections in my back didn't work, I knew that surgery would be risky because I was overweight, but I was left with no other options. Drs didn't want to touch me because I was such a health risk, finally after several drs one said he could help me!

So he scheduled a surgery but I would have to pass all the pre surgery physicals first, well at that time I thought I was weighing around 470lb, "again with all the denying" so when I weighed in I was a staggering in at over 560lb and it could been more than that because I really couldn't get accurate weight because I was so heavy! So I flunked the weight part, and then I learned my blood work was horrible because of a fatty liver!

So, at this time, the Dr. had to cancel my surgery. The Dr. told me that bad news and told me that if I didn't get my weight off somehow that my back was gonna cripple me and then I would probably be immobile and dead within 2 years. I knew I was in bad shape because I couldn't even walk to Wal-Mart, because I was out of breath. But here I was in my early 30s and I'm being told I would never see 40 and or be in a wheel chair!

That day was the lowest absolute worst day of my life I hit rock bottom all my years of ignoring my weight and denying myself caught up with me! I felt so ashamed and humiliated! I couldn't have gastric bypass to fix my weight issues! What was I to do? After about a couple days feeling sorry for myself I picked myself up and went down to our local YMCA! There I began a weight journey that has changed my whole life!

I started counting my calories I would only allow myself 1400 a day and I would keep a journal of everything I ate and drank. I would go to the gym 5-6 times a week and I had to start with water aerobics because I didn't have the energy to do more, I took baby steps. And more and more the weight would come off! The more I saw the disappearance the more determined I became.

22 months later here I am still determined! I've lost well over 200lbs by going to gym 5-6 days a week for hour and half a day, and by counting calories and that being around 1400 or less a day, and I would allow myself one cheat day a week. I don't allow myself to go crazy on my cheat days. My blood work is now all stable and I am having surgery in 4 weeks.

All I know is if I can do it anybody can do it. I had the word SACRIFICE & DEDICATION tattoo on my forearm to let me know everyday that I can do it. Even though i still have a ways to go, I know I found the tools to continue success because this is forever, not just a fad thing anymore!!

Thank you for letting me share my story and I hope I can help inspire others... P.S. At my heaviest I was over 560lb now I'm around 350 and "counting" went from size "58" waist to size "44" here few pics from my heaviest to just last week.. Ben Stanton


Emilio López said...

Ben I don't know if you'll read this message but I felt really well when I saw the picture and read the amazing goal you accomplished.
You see, I'm not that different from you in a sense as I didn't take my weight seriously until I was 35 kilos over my ideal weight.
Congratulations, good luck on the surgery and keep up the good work!


Paul said...

Ben, keep pressing brother. May your story be a motivational and inspirational boost to those in the same boat. Im very proud of you man, your heart and determination is a testament for what can be done when your mind is set. Press on! Rise against!


Brandon said...

Dude that awesome! Keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

Thank you all for your kind words! I just wanted to share my story exaust I know there are people just like me being told they can't do it without bariatric surgey, or them thereselves feel as if they are a losss cause, just the way I did, but with your back against the wall and hitting rock bottom, you find the strength in yourself to succeed.. It just takes dedication and hard work and time.. I'm blessed to see the light and blessed to have good family and friends to support me! Just know when you have a bad day or even week, just stay with it and get back after it the next day, and you will get results!.. I'm happy to be finally having my ruptured disc fixed and ready to take this journey to get my next 100 pounds off! Good luck to all of you. Sincerely Ben

Joe said...

I have struggled with my weight throughout most of my adult life. After I turned 35, I found it much more difficult to find the time to eat right and exercise. Soon I started to feel the effects of carrying too much weight. I became short of breath after walking short distances and I was also starting to get pain in my right knee. I knew my body was telling me to make a change and needed help. So I had my weight loss surgery and its worked like magic. I could see the difference in just 6 months. I lost so much in such a little span. I am happy that I opted for my weight loss surgery.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to read this story, I'm in the same boat you were in, I wonder if I could email you? I started a blog about my efforts http://www.operationfullbring.com

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for sharing your inspirational story. I myself have been in denial of my weight for many years. I began packing on the pounds in high school. At the age of twenty I was five foot ten and pushing 330 lbs at my heaviest. I too have tried dieting all of my life. However none of them stuck with me. The weight that I had lost came back along with a few extra pounds. I too was on this cycle for way too long. I am not sure if it was a matter of not being motivated, or a matter of self denial.

At the beginning of the year I finally got serious in tackling my weight. Diabetes runs in my family on both sides. I did not have an issue with my blood sugar, however I was having an issue with my blood pressure. I eventually grew tired of feeling tired and sluggish all of the time. Being a full time custodian I was exausted half way through my shift. This is when I knew I had to do something about my weight.

Since December of 2011 I have lost a total of forty pounds. Simply by watching what I eat and keeping track of my calorie intake. However I have fell off the band wagon a little, and started going back to my same old habits. I thought I would try cruising for some inspiration, and this is when I came across your story. In readign this article I have finally found the inspiration to continue my journey to a healthier me.

Thank you so much for sharing your inspirational story. With out people like yourself sharing these incredible inspirational stories I would be on my way back to my old habits. Thank you for helping me stick to my journey.

-Joe C.

elfprincess said...


You are amazing, look what you've achieved so far! And you did it WITHOUT bypass surgery. Please please don't go down that route. Please.

You have proved that you don't need WLS and that with dedication and determination and a vow to never totally quit - to keep plugging no matter what - minor miracles can be achieved.

All the very best to you with your back surgery. I hope all goes well and that you recover quickly and easily. Then get right back in the saddle and ride to the finish!

CONGRATULATIONS again. You must be so happy and proud of all you have achieved so far - and rightly so.

Well done xx

summer27 said...

wow you look awesome I'm so impressed about the result your getting right now just keep it up. Good luck with everything

Anonymous said...

Thank you all for all the kind words and best of lucks it means alot to me

Anonymous said...

I wish you goodluck. I hope everything works for you

Brice Bridgewater said...

Rock on man, important on my way to fit as we speak. I STARTED JULY 2, 2012 at 377 pounds today I am down to 364 and still aways to go. My goal is to atleast hit 250. If 250 doesnt look crazy on my 6,2 frame I will try to get it down to 200. Check out my blog at http://iii-u.blogspot.com to keep me motivated. I curently dont have a gym but hopfully I get this job monsay and will be able to afford a gym.

Anonymous said...

Very cool story! Reminds me of when I watch the Biggest Loser show on TV. Always nice to see examples of people bigger than me losing weight :)
-Jackie @ HCG diet plan