September 30, 2008

Losing Weight After Age 45

Pamela has lost 13 inches from her waist. She's down to 118 pounds, from a high of 215 in July of 2007. She lost the weight by changing her diet and doing pool exercises.

See her inspiring story and two other midlife weight loss stories at the Palm Beach Post.


Richard W. said...

Loved your site here are some tips for your readers

Diet Plans for Weight Loss

Ever since obesity
has been termed as an epidemic, it has attracted attention throughout the world. In America weight loss has become an industry. The air is thick with discussions and counter-discussions about various diet plans being proposed by various people.

There is a 5-Factor Diet, Atkins Diet, Bob Greene\'s Best Life Diet, South Beach Diet, Cabbage Soup Diet, Carbohydrate Addict\'s Diet, Anne Collin’s diet and now you have
DASH diet
and Fat Smash Diet and Size Zero Diet and …. it goes on!

Proponents of each of these diet plans make claims of how much weight you will lose and how rapidly you will lose weight. Some go to the extent of claiming that you will lose up to 10-12 lbs in a week whereas medical experts warn that such claims are ridiculous and weight loss of such proportions can come about only by losing water which is detrimental to the system. Moreover there is always the danger of
gaining weight
just as rapidly when you stop working on the plan.

Essentially all these plans boil down to a few basics! The body weight is contributed by fat, muscles, bones and water. Excess calorie intake is responsible for increased weight and so cut down the excess intake of calories.
Increase metabolism
so that stored fat can be burnt off; burn off the fat that is stored in the body by exercises and
fat burning food .
But do not starve the body of the essential nutrients.

Basically diet plans
fall into three broad categories: the “fad diets”, those that are based on specially processed food and those that can be called as “natural diet” plans.

There is no clear definition of “fad diet”; it is very subjective. Fad diet is popularly believed to be a poor
weight loss
diet. A fad diet generally becomes very popular very quickly and falls out of favor just as quickly. Fad diets quite often claim very quick weight loss. Their claims for efficacy are generally not confirmed by any legitimate scientific studies. Often promoted by parties that publish books about the diet or those that sell some supplements or ingredients that are part of the fad diet, a fad diet may not achieve anything at all or at times may have an adverse effect on health.

The natural diet plan
is based on use of food constituents that are normally in your diet; it recommends some of the constituents as being helpful and some others as being harmful from the point of view of weight loss. For example, it may recommend certain fish such as Sardines, herrings, etc as providing beneficial Omega 3 fatty acids or may recommend use of lean meat but not others such as pork; it may recommend low-fat skimmed milk but not the normal fresh milk. Natural diet is based on very clearly understood and recognized scientific knowledge.

natural diet plan

The third category of diet plans mentioned above are based on use of specially processed food ingredients or supplements; this category is so highly commercialized that even if it has scientific basis at times lies on the boundary of fad diet plans.

Weight Loss Guru said...

Great Article. Though im pretty sure a lot of people have trouble with weight loss during holidays

azman said...

nice story can share with others people .

Body Mass Index said...

Thank you for the encouraging stories!!! keep it up, your blog is a help for me in keeping my weight loss more permanent!

christy lee said...
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healthy weight loss diet said...

Well done.Thanks for the advice.

Excellent entry! I'm been looking for topics as interesting as this. Looking forward to your next post.


Leslie said...

Hi there! Here's a great article with more than the usual tips about avoiding holiday weight gain. This one has recipes too! The first recipe makes a BUNCH, but it looks as though you could pare it down pretty easily. Recipes were provided by one of the chefs at Hilton Head Health, a weight loss spa in South Carolina. Bon appetit!

Fairy said...
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luccy said...
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XENO said...

Found your blog through search "weight loss". Thank you for the information. I am in a constant battle to avoid putting on too much weight... I am born to be physical and if I don't do enough burning energy, I have the ability to put on weight FAST. I won gold and silver at the Olympics and own an indoor rowing studio. I am also a father of four, and need to make sure that I find time to exercise. It is good for my mind and body to row, which is my only exercise. There are tons of benefits to rowing, you are seated, the entire body is involved and it is zero impact on the joints. Most of my weight since March I lost on Nutrisystem, I ended up quitting it because of the artificial food and I started to question the health benefits of such foods. What I learned about Nutrisystem is to REDUCE the amount I was eating... I cut out all soda and candy. Sounds simple to do without getting on a paid diet, but if you never were shown a path to follow, it is not that easy to stay disciplined. Ok, that is it for now, I need to do some coaching work.
Good luck everyone,

Anonymous said...

Here is a tip...I tried everything and nothing seemed to work the way I hoped to. I would lose a pound and gain 2. One of my friends had done a cookie diet. of course everyone laughed including me. But i was desperate. So I called a local center here in massachusetts. I have lost 56 lbs. The program is easy cause I'm on the go and always on the road. I've tried the shakes and the puddings and they are good as well. But the cookie to me seems for filling and easier on the run. This diet has taught me how to eat and keep the weight off. Thanks

Anonymous said...

I am 48, very active (3x week strength training with a trainer, one hour) plus 2 cardio workouts (usually running 5-10k, but sometimes bike, either stationary or outside, one hour) plus one yoga class for flexibility and sanity.

I do this to not get depressed. In the last year I lost my dad and my mother has become ill, I have a very stressful job and my love is 2 times zones away. The stress plus unhappiness meant that I have gained 12 pounds in the last year, mostly from drinking wine I think and being not totally religious about my workouts.

I am back to working out as I said above, and eating 1,000 calories per day, net.

I am not losing. Should I decrease calories or change my workouts?

One week diet Weight loss product said...

I ma 23 but its really great to know that age doesnt matter since at t age of 48 too you are capable to loose your weight just need is to have the proper setup of your diet and work per youyr body structure