February 04, 2007

Extreme Girdles: The Brazilian Waist Cinchers

While we're on the subject of girdles and shapewear, let's talk extreme girdles for a minute. These are the 'Brazilian waist cinchers'. They are girdles made out of actual rubber; the natural latex from the rubber trees of the Amazon. Contrary to the claims of the company who manufactures them - 'Squeem' - I can't believe they could actually be comfortable. But these Brazilian waist cinchers are selling well.

They are still much less popular than the big leaders in shapewear however. Spanx is still making the most popular shapewear today and another company whose products are called 'Lipo in a Box' is also showing surging popularity on Amazons sales rankings.


Mike said...


This is off topic for this post, but I couldn't find your email address. I found your blog while searching about ipod fitness which you wrote about a whil ago.

Are you using any programs? What do you think? I have seen a couple including the PumpOne that you talked about. If you click to my blog, you can see that I write a lot about mobile and digital media.

Just looking to get your opinion if you have been trying the stuff out.

good luck.

isadora said...

Hi Mike,
Nope I haven't tried them out and i don't personally know anyone who has. But I am curious whether people have found them helpful. I'll try posting and asking about this in the next week sometime.

Pinkie said...

Hi Isadora,

Just read your blog because I wrote a similar article on my blog (www.pinkdiamondpr.blogspot.com). I know quite a few people who love the squeems product. They say that it makes you look amazing. One person did tell me that it was uncomfortable though. I will keep you posted. Nice blog!!


Anonymous said...

I have a Squeem waist cincher and it really helps me when I am experiencing lower back pain.