October 02, 2006

The Fat Smash Diet

The Fat Smash Diet is a getting a lot of buzz these days. It came out this spring and was written by the doctor who provides the diet plan for the Celebrity Fit Club television series.

The basics of the plan is to eat nothing that contains flour or white rice for the first month and to try to ultimately exercise for an hour five days of the week.

This first 'detox phase' is meant to wean you off a dependency on processed foods and wheat products. But you can still eat four or five meals a day by focusing on beans, lentils tofu, vegetables and yogurt.

It would be hard to not lose at least eight pounds (and much more if you are morbidly obese) if you can stick to the plan in the first month.

Many of the people who've followed the diet write about a similar experience as this person;

"I had a month with no pasta, no bread and no rice and at the end, ten pounds came off effortlessly and I no longer felt I had to eat these foods to be satisfied.

It happens that two weeks to a month is the time needed to break habits (call it detox if you like.) This is true of many things, whether cigarettes and nicotine or starchy foods. If you follow the precepts here, you will find that weight starts to come off, even if you are very resistant to weight loss as I am. I give this diet a big thumbs-up because it gets right to the source of problems and trains you immediately for success. Of course you have to walk, run, jump or otherwise exercise, as the book mentions, but the 90 days will be 90 well spent."

The Fat Smash Diet is now the best-selling diet book of the hundreds of diet books out there. The sub-title is "The last diet you'll ever need". The eating plan seems very healthy (not faddish) and doesn't require any counting of calories. I guess if (the big if....) we could keep to the rules as outlined in the book, the subtitle could probably prove true for almost everyone.

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