September 22, 2006

Walking Clubs for Fitness Motivation

I know a woman, a friend of a friend, who has a gorgeous figure. She's slim and has a very healthy glow about her. She's no young pup in her twenties. She was born the same year as me.

And the secret to her fit body and vibrant looks is a regular walking regiment. She started this a few years ago, when her two kids were still in elementary school. She wasn't the type of person who enjoyed solitary walks so she joined a local walking club. She's been very serious about it since and walks at least twenty miles a week. Although she's a very social person and has always attracted lots of friends, the four or five women she walks with regularly have become her closest friends by far.

The walking club seems to provide much more than a way to get fit and healthy. The friendships that she's developed there go a long way in making life much more interesting and joyful. Why pay a psychiatrist $150 an hour to discuss your problems when you can walk and talk it out every day with an understanding friend?

I set a goal of walking at least twenty miles a week almost a year ago. But I've failed to do this. Maybe I should consider a walking club. It's not easy to do when you've got a toddler but this is what I've been thinking about lately. These days it's easier to find the local walking clubs in your area. You can just type in 'walking club' and your city name and get some good leads. But the local community centre is probably the best place to start inquiring.
The lovely duck walking photo above is by Pieter Pieterse

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Nutrisystem said...

It does help to stay motivated when you have walking partners. Right now I just have my dog as a walking partner ;)

My local community college has a running class that I've been thinking of joining.