September 18, 2006

Beyonce Wears a Spanx Girdle?

It's interesting to see that even young celebrities with perfect bodies are wearing the modern equivalent of girdles - SPANX - when they want to cinch the waist and slim the hips.

But no one uses the word 'girdles' anymore. These evolved girdles are called 'slimming shapewear'.

Here's a photo (taken by Splash News) of Beyonce Knowles in what appears to be SPANX tummy control nylons. It's made of a special spandex weave giving "seamless, leg-shaping support." And it's designed "with a soft, nonbinding waistband."

This photo of Beyonce will probably be a bigger boost for the SPANX company than any advertising they've done in their short but successful history to date.


Dominic said...

Do you reckon it's part of a sponsorship deal?

Jersey Girl said...

I decided that I'm okay with my tummy bulge...making peace with it is easier than having to wear stuff to push it in!

isadora said...

Dominic, this is what I was thinking too. She's not making any effort to keep the dress down. It could just be a very smart marketing campaign for SPANX.

Jersey, this is my personal way of dealing with it too. I couldn't see myself wearing a girdle for even a day unless some extraordinary life event came up that I can't foresee. (Such as Prince Charming's Ball?)

Olivia said...

I did a motivational talk today about the positive things about turning 50. I debated whether or not I should wear a "body slimmer" under my pants since I do think that we should accept and love our bodies as they are. BUT...I put mine on and I looked toned, like I'd lost 5 pounds or so, thus the confidence boost was worth it. They are comfy (unlike girdles) and you feel much less jiggly. I'm getting in shape, but in the meantime...I love my gody slimmer!

Anonymous said...

My feeling as a man is that all women should wear spanx slimwear. It just looks so very sexy.