August 14, 2006

Carmen Sells the NV Diet Pill

Carmen Electra has signed on to help sell a new diet pill - NV. You'll soon see Electra on TV promoting this pill.

NV is probably the only diet pill that also claims to be a beauty pill. The marketing people at NxCare, are really pushing it. They say NV is 'the supermodel of diet pills'. They say this pill can promote total outer radiance; it can give you a slimmer, sleeker and more sultry body! not to mention thick hair that shines! and skin that glows! and strong glamorous nails!

Carmen Electra has never been overweight and has always been beautiful. What would she know about 'rapid weight loss pills'? (Note: She does on the other hand have some personal experience with breast implants.) I'd love to know how much she is being paid to promote this product. It must be a lot. NxCare has its origins in pills and potions for bodybuilders. This is their first big foray into diet pills aimed at the female market. Below is a before and after NV picture from their website. NV has already received huge publicity as Carmen Electra is on the cover of the current issue of Life & Style magazine with the blaring headline "The New Diet Pill: A new secret ingredient helps stars lose weight fast without feeling hungry!" and she talks about the pill in the featured article.

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