November 19, 2005

Welcome to Isadora's Weight Loss Stories

Thanks so much for visiting my site. I've written about my personal experience with weight loss (post pregnancy) here.

My main goal here is to search the web and come up with inspiring stories of weight loss success. I hope to highlight at least one great success story per week, hopefully more. Some of the stories will focus on celebrity weight loss but most will be about regular people who have discussed their weight loss online.

If you know of any inspiring examples of successful weight loss, please let me know.


you can win said...

My Another Full Health Successfull Story is here..

Published 2 days ago.

you can win said...

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ayl said...

this blog is really great... congrats. i found out that reading about other people success and experience motivates me

fyi i lost 50kgs in 2years

100 pounds gone! :-) said...

I am trying o keep my story moving of being diabetic and losing 100 pounds giving others hope so they too can live a happy healthy life. I would love to share my story with you.

Jill Knapp

Ginger said...

Hey I am ginger and I have lost a wopping 210 pounds. I would like to know if you would put my story on your web site. let me know.

Exrayed said...

I have struggled with weight for most of my life. I now have OSA (obstructive Sleep Apnea) and need to use a CPAP machine to help me Get Better Sleep

I wish that there was an easy way but its hard work.
Your stories are inspiring to me.


Cap Creations said...

See my brothers story here of over 230 lbs lost naturally.

-MSR- said...


I'm beginning my journey to drop 35 pounds! Please join me my blog is


Rob West said...

I just started my journey a few weeks ago and have lost 10 pounds already. I started at 227 lbs. and my goal is 180 lbs.

Steph said...

Hi there! New follower here :)

I've lost 93 pounds so far. I started out at 269 pounds after I had my son, and I now sit at 176. It's been a long road but I'm only a few pounds away from my goal!

If you check out my blog, there are two sections at the top of the blog about my weight loss story if you're interested :)

Anonymous said...

My sister always said that, this is really great.

Lori Jones said...

Isadora what a great article on children and anti-depressents! This is a huge problem and you have done a great service sharing this important information. I have a health and fitness blog that I would like to share your link to your article on. Thanks.

bestways said...

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Gabrielle Dion said...

Hello, Isadora. I am a new follower -- love the site. My weight loss story and blog are at if you are interested.

mevsthebulge said...

Hi! Great site! So inspirational. My own weight loss story is here if you would care to take a look! :-)

I'm still have a little ways to go but I'm pretty proud of my efforts to date!



lola loca said...

your amazing and so is your blog <3 ive been battling weight loss forever now. im finally starting over- yet again- and going to try and achieve my goal of loosing weight. your a great inspiration and i love all the stories on your blog.

Beth said...

Thank you for your inspiring stories. I just now started a blog for my weightloss journey for this year. I hope to lose 40-45 lbs. Have a happy new year everyone!!

Rebecca said...

Hi,great blog,I have a website blog as well and you have given me some awesome tips. As a mother of 2 I needed to lose some weight.I used diet fitness at the site below,any comment would be great. Thanks

Sarah said...

I just found this blog and it is great! I just started my own blog about losing weight! I love the stories I have read. They are so inspirational!

Miss Obesity Rehab said...

This blog is amazing! Very inspirational. I am a diet-blogger to maybe my story can be posted one day?



Sarah said...

I have begun my weight loss journey and I am looking for blogs like yours to follow and share with my readers. thank you so much for the inspiration on your blog. It lets me know I can do it too. Please check out my blog and tell me what you think!

Ugo Dosh said...

Hi Isadora, what a great blog you have here. Just found you out by searching for 'weight loss stories' on google; where you are on 1st position ranking.

I'm amazed at your good stories here. Was actually looking for inspiring weight loss stories to feature on my new 2 months old weight loss blog before I found you.

It's amazing (and a motivation to me too) to know that a blogger (blogspot) blog can be doing so well (as I'm using blogspot too).

It is my hope that I would be able to work with you (as a blogger) in some ways in the near future. Keep up with the good work here. Would be sending you an email soonest.

Best regards,
Ugo Dosh
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Army Sniper said...

Celebrities have been using the Lemon Cleanse or Master Cleanse for decades in order to achieve quick weight loss results and detoxify their bodies. This diet was developed by an alternative medicine specialist in the 40s who sought to create a program that would remove toxins from the body and aid in weight loss.

Jennneil said...

I love this blog! It's so inspiring and helpful.

I'm so glad to know that I'm not alone on this journey.

After being 100 pounds overweight since I quit smoking 25 years ago, I have now lost 14 pounds since I started blogging in September!!

And it's the blogging that working! It's keeping me accountable and honest - with myself and with others.

Thank you all for posting your blogs. I read them every night.

Diary Of An Even Fatter Girl

Rachelle Tells said...

I find these stories so inspiring! I've just started my first blog, ever, and am relaying my story in progress to the world around me! Follow, join, or watch my journey to lose weight. My lifelong struggle with obesity WILL end, and I'd love to have you there for the ride! :D

Cella said...

This is a fantastic blog.
I just started my own blog about my weightloss journey, and I'd love for you to take a look and give me some feed back. :)

Bogeda said...

I'm so glad I found this blog. I started my first real blog yesterday. (by real I mean something other than my continuous posting of hot guys, cute cats & snarky parenting comments)
I will lose 100lbs in the next year and am planning a stripping event for my 40th birthday in Jan 2013. The stories here were a joy to read today & it's nice to have the support of people at so many different stages of this difficult process.

If you're interested you can check out my blog at

Have a great one!!

Mom to the Fourth Power said...

Hi Isadora!

I really like this blog and like to read about other peoples success!!

I am my own success story as well in that after 20 years or morbid obesity, I lost over 140 pounds. It is like coming out of prison. I made a video that shows my progression and you can see it here:

and I've also blogged about it since I first started my journey:

My husband joined me on my quest and he also lost a lot of weight.

I am so encouraged by others stories as it is also a challenge to keep the weight off. I love that you have this blog to inspire us all! It's amazing the strength in the human soul that we don't always know we have!

Take care!

In The Front of My Mind said...

I love this blog! I am also dedicated to inspiring people through my own 130 pound weight loss story. It can feel SO hopeless to be obese, especially if you were that way for years and years. Stories like these are what kept me going.

Brooke said...


this is so motivational .. i am still not ready to post my before pictures but this has definitly made me feel alot more willing!

i am down about 50lbs and im on a path to fitness!

comne join my lifestyle change!

Ani said...

wow excellent... ur blog is awsom. i started my blog two days back for earnings. i took the same topic products. i was guilty to see ur blog. can u plz help .... to make my blog like this

scott lichau said...

went from 300 Down to 195 pounds.. amazing what happens when u give up the soda pop...